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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Warm ups?

As I think most (all?) of you know, I´m teaching English in a Chilean university this semester. Part of this job has included attending training on how to teach, and I wondered if/how one idea from one of these seminars could be applied to information literacy instruction. The `Presentation, Practice, Production,`teaching methodology emphasizes that every lesson should start with a brief warm up to set the tone, elicit information about background knowledge from the students, and to emphasize why they are here and absolutely need to know the information we will teach.

I realize that in library instruction, particularly in one shot sessions, time is very limited. That said, would it be productive to try to start with some kind of brief warm up? From sessions I have observed and conversations I have had with you,I know one possibility is to incorporate some YCDI, emphasizing that library research is really not all that different from what they already do. I sometimes start sessions with a `competition` among the advantages of wikipedia, google, and the library. What other warm ups could we do, or is this even something that would be helpful in this kind of instructional setting?


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