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Thursday, June 22, 2006

LIRT's Top Twenty

Does everyone remember/know about LIRT's Top 20? It's published each year in the June issue of LIRT News. A committee reviews articles published in the past year (so June 2006 would cover 2005) and culls a long list down to 20. Online Access to LIRT News:

This year one of the articles "Can't Get No Respect: Helping Faculty to Understand the Educational Power of Information Literacy" by Bill Badke caught my eye. It led me to the IUL subscription to the electronic Reference Librarian. I'd forgotten all about this. The article cited appears in vol 89/90. There are several other articles related to ILI/BI/LI/whatever that seem interesting. Easiest access is to go to the Find Information Page and search that page for Reference Librarian, you'll get the link to our subscription.


  • Bill's posts on ILI-L are always insightful, too. Thanks for this recommended reading, Emily!

    By Blogger Carrie, at 5:37 PM  

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